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Corona, Riverside, Inland Empire, Temecula, San Bernardino, Orange County, L.A. County


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Wedding Photographer

Corona, Riverside, Inland Empire

People that have known me in the Inland Empire area have often asked me how I’m able to make people happy, get the job done and not crash and burn.


Well, I love what I do! I decided from day one no rules or limits (don’t abuse the photographer however). I have fun making my clients have fun. And I have tremendous patience.


With over 1800 weddings I have photographed, there’s not much I haven’t seen or done. I make the process painless and fun while still being professional. If I wasn’t good, I’d be sitting around waiting for the phone to ring, instead of doing what I love to do!

Portrait Photographer

Corona, Riverside, Inland Empire

Commercial Photographer

Corona, Riverside, Inland Empire

     Whether you are looking for a wedding photographer, or an event photographer, portrait photographer, or commercial photographer who's more flexible than most, or just have that small job that's too big for you but you feel it's not quite big enough for a professional, just call Jim Dorsey Photography!


     I am a full time freelance photographer, a real honest-to-goodness, highly skilled professional. I started life as a child. At age 8, I was given a gift, a camera! A gift that would one day become my passion and my life's work.


    I can do almost anything with a camera - food, product, cars, houses, pets (sometimes), even small children. My specialty has always been events. You know -  weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, fundraisers, award ceremonies. Oh my gosh! The list is endless. My absolute favorite however is still weddings!


Perered Venues

Green River , Hidden Valley , Canyon CrestCalifornia Citrus State Historic Park  


     "Why is that?" you ask? First of all I have no rules. I am extremely patient, understanding, flexible and fun. Saying "No" on wedding day rarely happens. Giving my customers all the images I take and enhancing all the images requires me to shoot with extreme accuracy and reliability. I shoot consistently for magazines and it's gotta be right, always.


     So put the experience, reliability, positive attitude, extreme patience together with skill, creativity, organization,  and top it all off with a huge amount of fun and you have Jim Dorsey!


     Not doing time limits does not affect my ability to keep you on schedule. I am always shooting and looking ahead, and will do the best job possible for you as time and the patience of others will allow.


     Being more than just a studio photographer, I do web photos and dozens of other types of people pics. I am comfortable in every environment I find myself in. Whether it's a senior portrait, high school or college, or a senior portrait grandparent and beyond, or kids & dogs & cats, I'm experienced in all types. So if you want more for your dollar, just call!  cell:  951.751.7441

Toll Free:  800.969.5508     Cell:  951.751.7441     Office:  951.735.8668

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Cell:  951.751.7441

Corona, Riverside, Inland Empire, Temecula, San Bernardino, Orange County, L.A. County Photographer